“Polytama is Getting Stronger in Environmental Conservation Efforts by Achieving Gold PROPER Three Years in a Row from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry”

Jakarta – Thursday, December 29, 2022 – Two years have passed since Polytama first one in 2020 as the highest-rated Company Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management (PROPER) Award for Gold Predicate. Polytama showed its commitment to sustainability innovation by obtaining its third Gold PROPER from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic […]

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“Polytama Wins Two Award In Marketing”

Jakarta, August 12, 2022 Polytama received awards in the field of marketing on two different occasions, namely at the “Indonesia Customer Experience Champion 2022” event held by SWA Magazine. Polytama was successfully named the “Best Customer Experience Team”, in addition to the “Marketing Award 2022” event where Polytama managed to get three predicates from the […]

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“Polytama Wins a Series Of CSR Award At The AREA 2022 International & Economic Review Event”

Polytama has won an award in the Asia Responsible Enterprise event Award 2022 for the Social Empowerment category and an award from Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSRA) 2022 from the Economic Review for the category The Best SDG’s Program Implementation – 2022 “Sustainable Cities & Communities”. The award was received by Polytama for the innovations […]

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“Gold Proper Award For the Year 2020 – 2021”

On Second year, PT Polytama Propindo (Polytama) return with achieved a prestigious and highest national award in Environmental Management and Social Care for People Empowerement held by the Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia at PROPER (Company Performance Rating program in Environmental Management) event with GOLD predicate. The success of Polytama […]

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“Polytama Achieved an Award in SNI Award 2021”

The 16th National Qualty Award of Indonesia in Thursday, held again and a number of organizations or business actors were rated to have implemented (SNI Award) accordingly with the criteria. An Honor and pride was shown by Polytama through the acquisition of an award at the end of the year in the form of an […]

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“Polytama Achieved Two Awards on Indonesia HC Awards Event”

Considered to have carried out commitment to support Indonesia Economic Growth with technological development which supported through a quality manpower, Polytama achieved two awards on Indonesia Human Capital Awards 2021 event that was held by Economic Review. On the event ceremony that was held virtually, Polytama achieved “2nd The Best Indonesia Human Capital” with a […]

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“Polytama Achieved Two Award at Indonesia CSR AWARDS 2021”

Polytama’s commitment to continue to prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, especially in this Pandemic Era, has yet again received appreciation. This time, the company won two awards at the 4th Indonesia (CSR) Award (ICSRA IV) 2021 organized by Economic Review. At the reward event which took place virtually, Polytama represented by Mr. Dwinanto Kurniawan […]

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“Polytama Receives an Award for Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace from Minister of Manpower”

Polytama’s commitment in making a positve contribution to the environment, especially in the mids of COVID-19 pandemic, has yet again led the company to achievements and receive appreciation. On 22 April 2021, Polytama was selected to be the company to receive ‘COVID-19 Prevention and Control Program Award’ in the workplace with ‘PLATINUM’ category from the […]

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“Polytama Received Award in Indonesia CSR Awards 2021”

Polytama back at it again with received another award in Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards 2021 Event that were held by Warta Ekonomi. Polytama became a company from Petrochemical sector to achieved ‘Best (CSR) Award with Outstanding Program in Local Community Basic Needs Support’. Polytama is considered to have contributed and took real action […]

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