In Indramayu, The Donation was Continued

In Indramayu, the donation was continued with social service activities, targeting the orphans & the needy in 3 ring 1 areas of Polytama Plant, including in Limbangan Village, Lombang Village, and Tinumpang Village. Polytama also collaborates with the Indramayu Kilau Orphanage Institute.

Donation for Orphanage

In addition to donating supplement for medical personnel in Jakarta, Galang Island, and Indramayu, in collaboration with the Rumah Zakat institution, Polytama also provided donations and supplement along with holding social service activity, the distribution of staple foods for orphans at the Aisyiah Setiabudi Orphanage and the Putra Nusa Pejompongan Orphanage.

Donations for the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC)

Polytama handed over donations for the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC) of Wisma Atlet and RSDC Galang Island, as well as RSPI Sulianti Saroso, which designated as the COVID-19 Reference Hospital. Donations for Wisma Atlet and RSDC Galang Island were handed over to Puskes TNI, while the donation for RSPI Sulianti Saroso was handed over directly.

Donation to COVID-19 Referral-Hospital in Indramayu

Amidst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Polytama supported the Government, medical teams and the community, by donating PPE equipment, glasses, gloves, masks, hand sanitizers and body bags to BNPB, and several hospitals in Indramayu & Cirebon. Apart from that, Polytama also distributed hand sanitizers, hand soap, and disinfectants to villages in the Ring-1 area of the […]

Polytama achieved the PROPER Green Rating Award

Polytama won the PROPER Green Rating Award for the second time at the 2018-2019 PROPER Award taken place at the Palace of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. Also attending the event for presenting the awards and giving speech were the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ma’ruf Amin and the […]