Polytama Successfully Holds Its First Roadshow, “MASPLENE® Roadshow to Customer”

In order to maintain good relations with customers, in line with Polytama’s vision to become a strong and dynamic leader of polypropylene producer in Indonesia, oriented to customer and stakeholder satisfaction, Polytama successfully held the first “Masplene® Roadshow to Customer” which visited various cities, starting from from Surabaya, Malang, Semarang, Solo, Bandung and ending in […]

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MASPLENE® Friendly Golf Game & Launching MASPLENE® Digital World

Polytama return with held MASPLENE® Friendly Golf Club Magelang at 15 – 17 December 2021. Specifically in Friendly Golf Game this year, Polytama used the opportunity to meet, greet, and giving appreciation to customers as well as introduce new features for MASPLENE® Digital World through a launch event to customers. With taking forward on best […]

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Polytama Successfully Held MASPLENE® Customer Friendly Golf Game & Gathering

Polytama successfuly held one of the company routine program, MASPLENE® Customer Friendly Golf Game & Gathering at 20 – 22 October 2021 in Bandung, West Java. The event were attended with more than 40 participants, both eitherfrom Polytama customers and representatives from Polytama. On this occasion, Polytama taking a theme “Trust is Our Treasure: Embrace […]

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Virtual Anniversary of 26th Years of Polytama

PT Polytama Propindo successfuly held a Virtual Anniversary of 26th Years of Polytama. This is the first time for Polytama to held an Anniversary fully virtual, where the event was attended by hundreds of participants consisting of Board of Commissioners & Management, all Polytama employees in its Head Office in Jakarta and Balongan Plant site, […]

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Health Talk: Breast Milk Management for Working Mom & The Role of Father

Polytama back again on held a routine educational activity which was held every month “Health Talk”, this time with the theme “Breastfeeding Mangement for Working Moms and the Role of Fathers”. The event which took place virtually using Zoom Video Conference was attended by PTPP employees at the Head Office and Plant Site with Dr. […]

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Virtual Ceremony Commemoration of Indonesia 76th Independence Day

“Merdeka…..Merdeka…..Merdeka…..” second year of pandemic, as Polytama back with holding a Virtual Ceremony with all emplyees in Head Office Jakarta & in Plant Site Balongan on commemorate Indonesia 76th Independence Day. The Virtual ceremony was attended by Management and Polytama employees both at the Jakarta Head Office and the Indramayu Plant Site. The ceremony took […]

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Polytama Virtual Investor Gathering

As one of the Polytama’s big step in expanding it’s Polypropylene market in their homeland, Polytama held a Virtual Investor Gathering for PT Polytama Propindo Public Offering on Bonds II and Sukuk Ijarah II in 2021. This is a second time Polytama has held a virtual investor gathering which previously took place in mid 2020. […]

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Health Talk: Virus Mutation & Covid-19 Vaccine

For several time, Polytama held a Health Talk event aimed for all employees in Head Office, Jakarta and Plant Site. The event that took place virtually was attended by all employees, management, and also from the holding group in the event. As one of the efforts to provide education for employees / IT in health […]

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Smart Mom, Healthy Baby

Polytama through its CSR & HC program collaborated with the Juntinyuat Health Center to empower 330 pregnant women in Juntinyuat District. This program begins with virtual socialization to 24 midwives and village cadres delivered by dr. Marizca. This event was attended and opened by Mr. Casita, A.M. Kep,. SKM as Head of Juntinyuat Health Center […]

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Lets “Synergy Together Distributing Positive Spirit in This Pandemic Era” With Polytama

Polytama ‘Sharing for the Nation’ (Berbagi untuk Negeri) is an annual series of Polytama’s CSR Program in order to welcome the blessed month of the holy month of Ramadan. On this occasion, Polytama shared the goodness and blessings of happiness to a number of orphans and poor people around us. In collaboration with the humanitarian […]

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